Who Are We?

The project's international advisers and active researchers, who served as a board of reference for the planning of publications and conferences, are listed below.

Advisers and Senior Research Fellows

Russell Sparkes. One of the UK's leading authorities on the practical interface of ethics and economics, he is Chief Investment Officer for the British Methodist Church working in the field of ethical investment, and Secretary on the Ethics of Investment for the same organization. He is the author of Global Warming and Cardinal Manning (both CTS), and Socially Responsible Investment (Wiley). He also writes for The Distributist Review.

Edward Hadas is Economics Editor at Reuters Breakingviews. Before becoming a journalist, he worked for 23 years as an equity analyst in Europe and the US. He has degrees from Columbia University, Wadham College, Oxford and the State University of New York at Binghamton, and teaches political and social philosophy at the Maryvale Institute in Birmingham. He is the author of Human Goods, Economic Evils: A Moral Approach to the Dismal Science (ISI) and The Credit Crunch (CTS). His website is at edwardhadas.com.

Michael Black is Research Fellow and Librarian at Blackfriars Hall in the University of Oxford. He was formerly with McKinsey & Co., later Managing Director of the American Stock Exchange International, co-founder of Corporate Performance Systems and Senior Vice-President of CSC Index, before becoming Director of Corporate Development at Lotus Cars and then an independent consultant in 2001.


Andrew V. Abela is Professor of Marketing, The Catholic University of America, Washington DC. Formerly Managing Director of the Marketing Leadership Council, and consultant with McKinsey & Co.

Helen Alford OP is Dean of Social Sciences at the Angelicum, and co-author of Managing as if Faith Mattered.

Charles M. A. Clark is Professor of Economics and Senior Fellow, Vincentian Center for Church and Society, St John's University, and author of The Basic Income Guarantee.

Frances Hutchinson, University of Bradford, UK, co-author of several books including The Politics of Money (2002).

Race Mathews, School of Business and Law, Deacon University, former Senior Research Fellow at Monash University, Australia, author of Jobs of Our Own, and former Federal M.P.

Thomas R. Rourke is Associate Professor of Political Science, Clarion University in Pennsylvania, author of A Conscience as Large as the World and A Theory of Personalism.

David L. Schindler is a Professor at the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family in Washington DC, and Editor of Communio.

Michael B. Taylor is President and chief strategist of Vita Nuova, an organization for the sustainable redevelopment of complex sites and neighbourhoods across the US, and Chairman of Pax in Terra, which works to promote human dignity through sustainable communities worldwide.

Stratford Caldecott