Andrew V. Abela
Caritas in Veritate and the Market Economy

Maria Sophia Aguirre
Articles on population and family issues

Ben Andradi
People First PLC

Helen Alford OP
Ethics and "Disconnected" Capitalism

Margaret S. Archer
The "Logic of the Gift"

Pope Benedict XVI
Market Economy and Ethics

Wendell Berry
Inverting the Economic Order
2012 Jefferson Lecture

Owen Barfield
Understanding Equity

Michael Black
The Sources and Uses of Distributism
The Crisis of the Corporation

Jason Byasee and L. Gregory Jones
Methodists and Microcredit

Stratford Caldecott
A Distributist Education
Love in Truth
Trinity and Society
Chesterton and Anti-semitism
Larger than Life (a "dialogue" with Chesterton)

David Cloutier
Working with the Grammar of Creation: Benedict XVI and Wendell Berry

COMECE Bishops
A European Community of Solidarity and Responsibility

William J. Ferree
Introduction to Social Justice

Bishop Anthony Fisher
HIV and Condoms Within Marriage

Michael Hanby
Homo Faber and/or Homo Adorans: On the Place of Human Making in  Sacramental Cosmos

Nicholas J. Healy, Jr
Caritas in Veritate and Economic Theory

Robert Kunzig
Population 7 Billion

Peter A. Kwasniewski
An Open Letter to Free Marketeers

Keith Lemna
Human Ecology, Environmental Ecology, and a Ressourcement Theology

Race Mathews
Jobs of Our Own: A Distributist Future for Australia

John Medaille
Equity and Equilibrium: Distributism
It's All About Usury

Adrian Pabst
Capitalism and Religion

Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr
Free Market Economists 400 Years Ago

Thomas R. Rourke
Contemporary Globalization: An Ethical & Anthropological Evaluation

David Schindler
Enriching the Good: Toward the Development of a Relational Ontology
Why Socrates Didn't Charge: Plato and the Metaphysics of Money

David L. Schindler
The Anthropological Vision of Caritas in Veritate
The Oppressive Logic of Liberal Rights

Garrick Small
The Dimensions of Human Action and Property
Contemporary Problems in Property in the Light of the Economic Thought of St. Thomas Aquinas

Russell Sparkes
The Distributist Alternative
The Recovery of the Guilds
What Can We Learn from the Guilds?

Thomas Storck
Is Usury Still A Sin?

Mary Taylor
A Deeper Ecology: A Catholic Vision of the Person in Nature
Healing the Rift? Christians and Ecology

Adrian Walker
The Poverty of Liberal Economics
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Zwick, Mark and Louise
The Encyclical Caritas in Veritate