ASSET (Advanced Studies Society Economy Theology)
The think-tank and research institute of the Studium Generale Marcianum, promoted by Card. Angelo Scola, Patriarch of Venice. 

Blueprint for Business
Corporate purpose and personal values serving society.

Cardinal Van Thuan Observatory
The Observatory has been instituted to promote the social doctrine of the Church at an international level.

Catholic Social Teaching
UK-based site with useful resources.

Catholic Voices
Articulating Catholicism in the public square.

Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice
An excellent resource for Catholic Social Teaching.

Centre for Economic and Social Justice
A non-profit educational center, think tank and social action catalyst.

Gratia International
Restoring hope and fighting poverty in Africa, developing a university in Nigeria.

Houston Catholic Worker (USA)
Newspaper and online resources inspired by Dorothy Day.

IHS Press
Launched in September of 2001 to bring back into print the classics of last century on the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church.

Humanum Review
Issues in Family, Culture, and Science – with a focus on the most vulnerable members of society.

The John A. Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought
Center for Catholic Studies, University of St. Thomas, Minnesota.

The Natural Economy
Return to the natural meaning of economy, meaning the management of a family household.

A Dominican journal of ethics and social sciences.

Clearinghouse for open/free, participatory/p2p (peer to peer) and commons-oriented initiatives.

Pax in Terra
Promotion of human dignity through sustainable community.

Pontifcal Academy of Social Sciences

Public Discourse
Ethics, Law, and the Common Good.

Real-World Economics Review
"Sanity, Humanity and Science".

"Red Tory" think tank.

Second Spring Oxford
Our home base.

Sierra Leone Chesterton Centre
Distributism for the rural poor of Africa.

Society of Catholic Social Scientists

An Australian journal of Catholic social thought and secular ethics.

Thomas Storck
Collection of articles by a leading Distributist writer.

Virtual Plater
The legacy of Plater College.